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Lakota creators' arts and crafts.

Welcome to the Whiteclay Makerspace online store: offering Lakota creators' arts and crafts made on the Pine Ridge Reservation and at our facility in Whiteclay. Learn more by clicking here -

The Makerspace

Helping Lakota Creators

We are providing a place where Lakota artists and crafters can succeed with their skills and abilities to creatively carry their culture forward through their creative work.  They get access to tools, equipment, workspace, supplies, resources, and markets, including this online sore.  This is cultural AND economic development at its best.

Repurposing Our Building

Formerly the Arrowhead Inn, this building was a liquor store that was closed.  Now this building has new life as a place for Lakota artists and crafters to produce and thrive.

All About Our Creators

We hope you enjoy our creators - artists and crafters - as much as we do.  We hope you get to know them by visiting them here or in person in Whiteclay, and seeing them through their work.  They put their heart and soul and who they are as people and represent their people so well through their creations.

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